Undergraduate Programs

The Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering offers a diverse range of program opportunities for undergraduate study. As a Foundry Education Foundation Certified School, our goal is to provide innovative and high quality programs that support the many and varied interests of our students.

Materials properties form the basis of all engineering designs. Metallurgical and materials engineering students are exposed to sophisticated equipment and computer technology in applications ranging from the processing of liquid metals to micro-electronic devices. By learning the basic structures, properties and processing of materials, students can achieve success in a multitude of diverse industries including: automotive, aerospace, electronics, and basic metals production. Students receive an integrated learning experience, which includes classroom and laboratory courses that enhance their analytical, experimental, synthesis, and design skills for problem solving, that address their responsibilities to society and the environment, and that emphasize the growth of their teamwork, communicative and leadership talents. Student learning is stimulated by modern facilities that include sophisticated equipment and advanced computer technology in which individual attention is the rule rather than the exception.